Heat pipe pressurized solar water heater 200L20tubes-Apple Green

Heat pipe pressurized solar water heater 200L20tubes-Apple Green

  • Model NO.: Uniepu-HP58/1.8-20-AG
  • Price:US $ 100.00-600.00 / sets
  • Minimum order quantity:20 sets
  • Accept Min order:Yes
  • Supply Ability:100000 sets / Week
  • Country of Origin:China
  • Stock Time:20 Days
Basic Information
  • Type:Evacuated Tube
  • Pressure:Pressurized
  • Heating System:Batch / ICS (Passive)
  • Installation:Freestanding
  • Housing Material:Stainless Steel
  • Certification:UL;CE;GS;Other
  • Capacity:200L
  • Place of Origin:China
  • Brand Name:OEM
  • Model Number:Uniepu-HP58/1.8-20
Product Description



Material of out tank

0.31mm thickness green color steel

Material of inner tank

Food grade 1.0 mm thickness SUS304 stainless steel

Tank insulating layer

50mm thickness, 45kg/m³ high-density polyurethane foamed

Inlet and outlet hole

Female G 3/4

Max pressure


Solar collector tube

3.3 Borosilicate glass with Al-SS/Cu coating 58x1,800mm with heat pipe

Thickness of glass tube


Vacuum tube tightness

P≤0.005 Pa



Emission ratio


Idle sunning property parameters


Average heat loss coefficient



1.2mm thickness of galvanized steel material,38degree

Structure of tank:

6 holes for PT valve,water inlet and outlet,electric heater,Mag Rod , Temp.Sensor.


Argon arc welding

Fastening pieces:

Made of stainless steel screw

Absorber area


Heat pipe size

Dia14mm x 70mm length condenser,170cm length in total

Heat pipe material

TU1 copper

Heat pipe power


Temperature tolerance

from -35C to 250C

Tube quantity

20 tubes

Other Tube quantity

8/10/12/15/18/20/24/30/36 tubes

Tank capacity


Other Tank capacity


Heat pipe pressurized solar water heater features:

1.Adopts the best conduction performance metal- heat pipe (copper).
2.Can be used all year round in the cold climate.
3.High efficiency, rapid warming. Heat pipe in vacuum tube could transfer hot energy to cold water in pressurized solar water heater tank rapidly.
4.The whole pressure of the system is up to 1.5kg/M2, the inlet could connect the tap water directly, the max pressure can be 0.6Mpa.
5.No water in the tube, one tube broken don't influence the system working.
6.The design for inner tank is reasonable and scientific, which could hold 100, 000 times fatigue test without any damage.
7.Dual-purpose brackets for both flat and inclined roof.
8.The system is pressurized, it keep a constant temperature of water in the tank, avoid the problem came from water level controller malfunction which could cause water flow out.

Pressurized solar water heater working principle:

1.The pressurized solar water heater tank has no exhaust hole, therefore, it must bear the pressure came from tap water. The hot water comes out because of water pressure.
2.Vacuum tube absorbs solar energy, and conductive copper pipe transfers the heat into the pressurized solar water heater tank. In this case, the water inside the tank becomes hot.
3.No water in the heat pipe makes the whole system could bear pressure.

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