Adjustable 0-60degree Heat Pipe Solar Collector
Adjustable 0-60degree Heat Pipe Solar Collector

Adjustable 0-60degree Heat Pipe Solar Collector

Model NO.
Minimum order quantity:
20 sets
Supply Ability:
300 sets / Day
Country of Origin:
Zhejiang, China
Stock Time:
25 Days


Product Info

Model 1.2mmAbsorb AreaDaily Output
58/1800/10 SS1.62M260-100liter
58/1800/12 SS1.78M285-120liter
58/1800/15 SS2.22M2120-150liter
58/1800/18 SS2.66M2150-175liter
58/1800/20 SS2.96M2160-200liter
58/1800/24 SS3.55M2200-250liter
58/1800/30 SS4.44M2240-280liter

System Features

Heat pipe solar collectors (HPSCs) are a new type of solar collectors which can absorb and transfer solar energy more efficiently. These type of collectors have the advantages of both heat pipes and evacuated tube collectors. No installation angle limit.

Información del producto

Modelo 1.2mmAbsorber áreaSalida diaria
58/1800/10 SS1.62M260-100 litros
58/1800/12 SS1.78M285-120 litros
58/1800/15 SS2.22M2120-150 litros
58/1800/18 SS2.66M2150-175 litros
58/1800/20 SS2.96M2160-200 litros
58/1800/24 SS3.55M2200-250 litros
58/1800/30 SS4.44M2240-280 litros

características del sistema

Los colectores solares de tubería de calor (HPSC) son un nuevo tipo de colectores solares que pueden absorber y transferir energía solar de manera más eficiente. Este tipo de colectores tienen las ventajas de los tubos de calor y los colectores de tubos de vacío. Sin límite de ángulo de instalación.

  • Place of Origin:China
  • Brand Name:OEM
  • Model Number:58-1800-SS
  • Type:Pressurized
  • Application:Water Heater
  • Pipe Material:Copper

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