Learn More About The SUS Coil Solar Water Heater


SUS coil solar water heater is an upgrade of cooper coil solar water heater. It changes the previous circle mode to improve performance.

Working principles

For water in the main tank, principle is the same as the non-pressure solar collector:

All-glass evacuated tubes absorb and transfer sun energy into heat energy, then heat water inside vacuum tubes. A cycle can be created in the tube which hot water ascending and cold water descending status. Keeping natural circulation like this, the water in the tank becomes hotter and hotter.

For water in the sus coil:

When cold water flows through the coil it absorbs heat from the water inside the pre-heating tank. And the water we actually use is the water in the sus coil, it means it is the fresh water (there is no pollution in the water). Due to the original feature of the sus coil, the water temperature of the outlet is close to the water temperature of water tank(difference within 3 degree centigrade). Therefore, cold water flow via sus coil and absorbs much heat, when water flow past outlet, the temperature is usually hot enough to use.


1. Patent reserved for stainless steel water tank and coil installation way, coil resistance a high water pressure inside.
2. 60% efficiency higher than traditional non pressure systen with specific technology and complete sealing design,maximum heat can be stored into the water box.
3. The water you actually using is the water in the sus coil. It ensures fresh water for shower.
4. Easy installation,could be installed on the roof with any slope, on the balcony orhung on the wall.
5. With the assistant tank, cold water feeding automatically. Prevent the water in the water tank from evaporating to dryness.