NEW! Family PVT Solar Energy System Solution - Pros&Cons


Our Solar PVT panel are designed to be used in a number of residential and commercial applications.Now is a great time to start minimizing your energy consumption, maximizing your savings, and providing your family with seamless backup power when you need it most. Our experts offer professional PVT integrated electricity hot water solar panel family solution.


For the home, a roof-top array can generate thermal energy to supply a family’s hot water needs. It can also supply all the energy needed to supply an under-floor radiant heating system. If you own a boiler, our Solar PVT panel can supply up to 70% your existing boiler consumption needs. With the addition of a thermal storage unit, the energy generated by an Solar PVT panel array can be utilized any time; day, night or on cloudy days when the amount of available sunlight is limited. Solar PVT panel can be the foundation for a truly environmentally friendly home. Integrating a low temperature differential engine will put your home one step closer to energy independence. The energy provided by a PV-Thermal system will generate carbon free electricity, displace carbon-based heating fuels such as oil and natural gas and reduce your household’s carbon footprint to a minimum.

Two Systems For You

PV Solar Panel Project(Free Electricity)

PVT Hybird Solar Water Heater Project(Free Electricity&Hot Water)